My New Bass

I recently decided to take my bass guitar parts and put them together

and make a new bass. I needed a new body so I went to Wilkat Guitars for the finest

custom guitar and bass bodies made.  He has had a lot of experience with Steinbergers.

Here is the progress of my new bass.

There are a lot of pictures so be patient

while they load.

It starts with some wood and a plan.

I chose Black Limba for it's tonal qualities
and its deep rich color. Bill Wilkat was very helpful in the  selection.
He is very knowledgeable about good woods.


Here is the wood laid out with the
 center of Wedge that Bill picked out.

This is the Wedge glued
to lower half.

Here is the wood glued together and the body pattern drawn out.

This is the front of the first cut.

This is the back.

Fitting the back control plate.

A little shaping and smoothing.

Fitting the neck and bridge.

Hole for the strap lock drilled
 and more shaping and smoothing.

With pick ups routed.

The first fitting of the strings.

The controls being installed.

More shaping and smoothing.

With all 5 strings, almost ready!

A little oil gives it a nice look.

Look at that body!

All it needs is pickups!

All finished!   The Front...


      and the Back.