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Welcome to the Fitchburg Order of Ale Makers.


Here at FOAM we handcraft great beers in the fine homebrew tradition. This site was created with the intent to share our knowledge and resources to all with home brewing interest. Since home brewing is a natural passion for any beer connoisseur you will find information of all various subjects relating to beer on our site. What we do best though, is sample beer. All kinds of beer. We sample homebrews, local micro brews, and many commercial beers. Along the way we have complied different information, reviews, and other information relating to many beers that we have sampled. We hope that our resources are both informative and interesting. In the mean time we here at FOAM will continue to sample different beers to continue to update our information base. The fact that we can do this for all of you, and the fact that we have helped is a true pleasure for us, a real honor actually.


And so it was decreed that every Third Friday of the month will be FOAM night. 



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Nov 1, 2010 4:32 PM
: Welcome to the FOAM Web Site!
On this page will be our latest news as it relates to FOAM. If you need anything posted, email me.

Sept 18, 2015: The Meeting is at Bob's.BOM is Barleywines. Check the Calendar for directions and our Meetings page for details on our meetings.

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Read the article " Brewing of craft beers is no science, it's an art" in the Worcester Telegram featuring our Fellow FOAMers Scott, Greg and Brian.
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Plain Karo syrup-I use 2 small bottles
9 grams ammonium phosphate-yeast nutrient
Can also use ammonium bicarbonate, found in Middle Eastern specialty shops, it is a leavening agent

Stir to dissolve
Heat over medium-high heat till it starts to darken
Be careful of boil over, watch it!

Taste as you go by taking some drops out, let cool!  It is extremely hot

Once you get it to where you want, remove from heat.
Usually takes about ½ hour to get where I want it for color and flavor

Carefully add cold water till it is thick syrup

I chill in fridge over nite for next days brewing

I have used this in Belgian dark beers instead of rocks, which technically is not what Belgian brewers use.

It is stable in beer


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The HopUnion Hop Variety Handbook

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